Manifesto for the absence of barriers and segregation based on race, gender, sexual orientation or religion
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When we try to explore culture, we will see that everybody agrees in theory that everyone has the right to self-expression, to the preservation of their religion and ancestral traditions, and we often deny that there are significant differences between people. However, differences in culture exist, there are differences in gender, religion, ethnicity, traditions, customs, sexual orientation, political orientation.

Social barriers are artificially created between individuals or communities on the basis of behavior dictated by egocentrism, nationalism, racism, all of which led to the establishment of an unwanted discord that leads to conflicts, including in an intercultural perspective. These are usually caused by insecurity of any kind, rapid social change, and personal pride of all kinds. They all have a cultural component. In addition to the above, it is necessary to mention value conflicts almost insurmountable which for the moment are affecting the good connections between the bearers of different cultures: different conceptions of skin color, rase, age, etc.


Over the last century, many artists have succeeded in shocking society with their revolutionary expression or ideas. Let’s think what it meant for the society at the time of it’s born of Futurism, Cubism, Surrealism. Together with internet era many artists managed to bring their manifesto through their art to a potential worldwide art lovers.

These days a new vector of Manifesto is coming up in the spotlight. Plastic artists and graphic designers are interacting with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and a new CUTTING-EDGE Manifesto is born.

Accepting the other with all the differences, without value judgments is the motto of the first manifesto through NFT – MetaMANIFESTO - NO BOUNDARIES. JUST YOURSELF

About Images


MetaMANIFESTO Mission – together with AI to express the giving up of all social barriers
MetaMANIFESTO wants to create the society where skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age do not matter.

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MetaMANIFESTO is a collection of unique and cool expressions of mankind equality in Metaverse where skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age do not matter.

1010 randomly generated digital collectables unite on Ethereum Blockchain.

Each expression is based on well-designed elements. As the eyes are the main gate through Metaverse these are the main attraction point of each NFT. Here it can be seen the biggest interaction between the artist and the AI. Lack of face contour and skin color is the artist’s interpretation that Metaverse is the place where there are no social barriers.

Entering MetaMANIFESTO society means that you are joining a family unite in the same no barriers ideals.

Discord voting polls as well specific channels will be opened for suggestions and recommendations of its community. At SOLD OUT our goals are to buy a Decentraland plot and create a meeting point gallery.

As any piece of art, you can keep it for future profits, you can admire it, you can exhibit it in our future gallery, but the most important is that, as owner, you will an active part of the community with the voting right

1010 randomly generated digital collectables unite on Ethereum Blockchain

We want to deliver Cutting-Edge Art Manifesto to our community for a reasonable price that will ensure future profits and in the same time consistent budgets for the supported causes and future projects. Private MINT: 02.18.2022 - 02.21.2022. MINT cost: 0.07 ETH. Public MINT: 02.21.2022 - 02.24.2022. MINT cost: 0.09 ETH.

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